Small companies are very team oriented and communicate with each other throughout the day. For larger, corporate companies it can be difficult to stay in contact with each and every member of the company. To make your staff come together and build a bond that is beneficial to the company as a whole, team building exercises and day-outings are a fun way to meet each other and connect on a different level.

THMED brought their California office to Texas to join the Dallas team. With five divisions (Fidelis Partners, Medestar, Allied Staffing Network, THMED Exec and myCVConnection) and two office locations (Aliso Viejo, CA and Dallas, TX) it can be hard to meet and connect with every individual. To break the barrier we traveled to Maggiano’s in NorthPark mall to attend a murder mystery luncheon. We started off by having 10 different teams formed from all of our divisions. Each team was assigned a color and task to create a team name and theme. The results were fun and a great way to show everyone’s creative side! As we dined on the delicious Italian cuisine actors played out a scenario that we had to solve. Was the murderer a cast member or one of our own? We explored the room we were in by interrogating other teammates, players on other teams and the actors. There were many theories being thrown around the room that made everyone laugh and communicate with others that they have never even met before. After deliberation, a few teams chose the right murderer and a few were far off, but in the end it was a great team building exercise.

Team building doesn’t have to be stressful or expensive. There are many ways to have your company come together and get to know one another. Try hosting a BBQ with DIY games, attending a sporting event or even a movie showing in the office with popcorn and snacks. Having a positive and uplifting company culture is an asset that improves the services and products of every company. If employees are excited to work every day with their co-workers they are more likely to produce quality and efficient work. Try an exercise with your company and see how well it brings your team together.

THMED prides itself on having a fantastic company culture. We have a “culture committee” that discusses ways to continuously keep our company exciting and growing on a personal and professional level. In 2015 we attended speed races, horse races, rodeos, sporting events, BBQ’s, and lake houses… just to name a few! We also went out into the communities and gave back as a team by partnering with food banks and shelters, as well as in-house volunteer projects and drives. We believe that keeping a constant focus on our mission and values creates a strong bond between every employee. THMED is proud of the relationships that have developed in the past and are excited for the future. Find out more about a career at THMED here.