Any hiring manager will admit that they scan a resume in thirty seconds and know if they will want to go forward with a candidate or not. Learning how to write the perfect resume for nurse practitioners can get you a leg up in the competition. Standing out on a sheet of black and white paper may be tough, but once you know what to highlight about yourself and your career can make a difference. As a staffing firm specializing in healthcare, many resumes come through our office. We notice what resumes have proper alignment, grammar, font and information about the candidate. We have provided you with tips on what to add to your resume and how to make yours stand out among the pile with how to write the perfect resume: top five resume tips for nurses practitioners.

Choose a good font and alignment

This may be a no brainer but many job seekers send in resumes with script or playful font styles. Keep the Comic Sans elsewhere and find a font that is easy to read and professional. We suggest Helvetica, Proxima Nova, Garamond, and if you want to play it safe, Times New Roman. Make sure you don’t have added lines, boxes or anything that may make the resume hard to read. If you are not sure where to begin with that blank sheet of paper, search nursing resume templates online and mimic their formatting.

Create a qualifications and goals summary

Start your resume with a brief overview of your qualifications and goals. Showing a clear thought will give the employer a better understanding of what you are looking for and what areas you will thrive in.

Highlight your accomplishments and licenses

Everyone who is applying for a specific job will usually have the same degree and even similar experience. We want to see what makes you different. This can be hard to do fresh out of training, so think outside the box. If you have received any exciting accomplishments, awards or acknowledgments add them on your resume! Other items to add that stand out are something you have created, an idea you implemented or anything you did in past experiences that made your training better. People want to see what you can bring to their business. Explain why you would be an asset to the hospital or practice. It is also a plus to add computer skills to your resume. Due to the industry transitioning technological it is an added skill if a candidate has medical-related software and computer knowledge.


Once you complete your resume put it away for a while and come back to it with a fresh perspective. A small mistake could decrease your chances of getting hired, so read through it thoroughly, use the proofreading tool and make sure there are no mistakes. Send your resume to someone you trust with good grammar skills that can catch any mistakes you might have missed.

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