As THMED continues to experience exponential growth, our need for great employees has risen also. A major component of the company’s ability to attract and retain top talent in our industry is because of what we offer our employees.  THMED is a company with great stability, continuous trainings and personal employee development programs, great company culture and a top notch executive team who work side by side with their employees.

Consider these four reasons to join THMED:

  1. Stability: THMED, LLC was named to the Dallas 100TM as one of the fastest-growing companies in Dallas by the Caruth Institute at SMU Cox School of Business in 2014 and 2015. In September of 2013, we moved our Dallas location to accommodate the company’s already rapid growth and are currently under construction to expand again, in preparation for the surge of new employees coming to THMED.
  2. Employee Development: It is not uncommon here to be looking for an open conference room only to find them occupied for employee development meetings and training sessions. We consistently strive to feed our staff with industry knowledge through employee presentations, one-on-one trainings, group sessions and setting achievable personal development goals.
  3. Our Executive Leadership: Our Executive team is made up of individuals that have a deep understanding of the healthcare staffing industry through their numerous years of experience in the field. They are not off-site in some big skyscraper somewhere just overseeing production numbers, the executives at THMED work side by side with their employees, creating a very close family-like team atmosphere. They not only want THMED as a company to excel, they genuinely want each of the employees to be as successful as they themselves are.
  4. Our Company Culture: We believe a vital part of our organization’s success is the company culture that we foster. We encourage our employees to maintain a healthy work-life balance by providing a great PTO benefit program and several paid holidays throughout the year. We have frequent company gatherings and events to help facilitate colleague relationships and our team building mentality. We offer a business casual work environment that promotes personal and professional growth in a fun, competitive atmosphere.

2016 is already a milestone year for the entire THMED team. We are looking for top notch talent with a desire to improve their work and home life, while doing something that makes a big difference in communities throughout the country. Interested in joining us or know someone that may be? Check out our list of open positions or submit your resume directly to Toni Borthayre, Talent Acquisition Leader at

by Jay Thompson, Marketing Coordinator
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